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GLG Toolkit CE 3.5

Graphical framework toolkit to produce sophisticated HMI and SCADA displays
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With hundreds of reputed customers all around the world, the GLG Toolkit provides the industry with a sophisticated and robust graphical framework to create visual interfaces that require displaying real-time data in a dynamic way. You can build HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) and SCADA-based user interfaces in various platforms, including mobile and web deployments.

The program comes with a graphical HMI editor, a vast collection of pre-built components and a number of libraries that integrate seamlessly in a wide variety of SCADA and HMI projects and systems, saving UI designers lots of valuable time. GLG Toolkit’s Graphics Builder will allow you to produce dynamic HMI and SCADA designs and diagrams with a high level of interactivity – its support for “point and click” interfaces will let the user to click on any static or moving item and receive real-time feedback. The GLG Graphics Builder will allow you to create sophisticated screens to monitor data and processes that can be easily attached to each element in the diagram.

The GLG Library interconnects any SCADA application to provide high-quality HMI displays at run time without changing the code. This will not only reduce development times, but will also guarantee easy and effective updates whenever necessary. The GLG Toolkit comes with various API packages (Standard, Intermediate, and Extended) that provide different levels of access to the GLG objects. It supports all the most widely used programming environments, such as C/C++, Java, and .NET, guaranteeing full compatibility with web-based apps, as well as with mobile platforms.

Finally, the GLG Toolkit also offers the end user a simplified version of the HMI editor, the GLG HMI Configurator. It provides a high level of customization in terms of actions, icons, dialogs, and data browsers, among others. Thus, the end user can create its own HMI displays just by dragging the right pre-built component from the library and dropping it onto its right place in an easy and highly interactive way. Then, it just need to connect the components with their corresponding data source (when required) to start receiving real-time feedback from the system.

You can also design your own GLG Toolkit, and choose the right combination of components according to the platform you’ll be using and the requirements and dimensions of your projects and your system. As said, it offers various (royalty-free and commercial) APIs, a number of GLG Builder editions, various sets of widgets, map server libraries, additional programming environments (for AJAX and JSP), Graph Layout components, and a DXF conversion tool.

All in all, the GLG Toolkit is an excellent cross-platform vector graphics editor that generates HMI and SCADA displays of the highest quality. The program offers a Community Edition for not-for-profit projects that includes all the functionality present in the commercial edition of this tool at no charge at all, as well as a wide collection of demos for you to assess the program’s full potential.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces both HMI and SCADA user interfaces
  • Supports C/C++/C#, .NET, and Java applications
  • Creates high-quality graphics for all types of industrial apps
  • Excellent deploy of real-time data
  • Suitable for mobile and web deployment


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